Smartphone Covers: Why You Don’t Need Them

You bought a beautiful, lightweight and thin latest-generation smartphone and, after a few hours using it (and admiring its beauty) you desperately need a smartphone cover.

Sometimes, you actually buy the cover together with the smartphone.

There is a huge benefit: if you drop it, the cover will save the smartphone from scratches and other damages.

Now, let me give you a few examples on other situations when you COULD buy covers:

  • You buy a new car, but you wrap it in plastic to avoid scratches and damages.
  • You buy a new beautiful leather backpack, but you wrap it in transparent plastic, to avoid scratches
  • What about a new bike? Same thing, you don’t want to see scratches on it right?
  • You also buy beautiful 300 dollars sneakers, the brand is cool and you love them, but you wrap them so you won’t ruin them while walking.

Did you get what I mean? Why should you hide the beauty of your smartphone and transform it into an unusable brick, when you paid so much for that? Isn’t beauty part of the deal?

I’ve seen crazy things around: huge plastic cases that let you see the screen only and you barely recognize what smartphone is inside. Yes, there are very thin ones, but the beauty and usability of your phone is compromised anyway.

My suggestion? Get a smartphone insurance instead. Enjoy the beauty of the toy you paid for and get much more from the insurance. A cover doesn’t protect you from losing the phone or from destroying it completely. Most of the times insurances cost something like 5 Euros / month and for a 1000 Euros smartphone are well worth it!

Of course, I am referring to very high end smartphones. But sometimes, even if you pay 500 Euros for your smartphone, it could be worth it.

The only expection I can tolerate is when someone needs to use smartphones in a building sites etc. But I would use something you can easily remove while not working.

Stop hiding what you bought. Enjoy it to the fullest! #stopcover



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